Employers continue to increase employee benefits as a way to attract and retain top talent. However, knowing which benefits to provide, and which are required, is a daunting task. Benefits administration is time consuming and adds yet another layer of complexity, but we're here to help.

We offer the following benefit related services:

  • Benefits Administration and Selection
    • Health, disability, life, & accident
    • Voluntary benefit options
    • 401K
    • Employee Assistance Programs
  • PTO plans & tracking
  • Tuition assistance programs
  • Programs for Health and Financial Wellness



As top performers and relationship builders of a company, key people are valuable assets for the company, but what if something happens if they are unable to work?

Business partners are another continuity consideration. If a partner passes, or becomes disabled, the other owners need to have a plan.

During times of loss or disablement, transitions can be difficult, but having business continuity plans in place guide the transition and lessen the disrupt to the business.

Our licensed professionals offer guidance on:

  • Key Employee insurance
  • Buy-Sell Agreements/ insurance