Handbooks and Policies

Acclimate. Inform. Protect.

Employee handbooks and policies communicate the culture of the company, acclimate new employees, and serve as an everyday resource. They provide employees notice of company policies, expectations, and operational procedures.

Employee handbooks reflects federal and state regulations, which means handbooks need to be reviewed regularly and updated to maintain compliance. Operating in multiple states requires further consideration to avoid conflict.

An up-to-date employee handbook is critical in the event of legal proceedings, and can also prove beneficial when disputing unemployment claims. Don't overlook the value of an employee handbook, contact us so we can help!

How We Help

  • Don't have a handbook? Let us create one for you
  • Your handbook need a face lift? We can review and update a current handbook
  • Are you a multi-state employer? We create state supplements
  • Not sure how to communicate changes? We can guide the process
  • Do you have missing or outdated policies? We can create or modify policies, procedures, & forms
  • Do you waste time trying to locate documents? We are pros at document organization and management
  • Worried about keeping up with changes? Our annual maintenance program does it for