Media Mentions

June 12, 2018

Guest on Mixonian Institute's Video Webinar Series with Dr. Laura Camacho

Toxic people. These are the office bullies who accuse, threaten, annoy, or maybe give you the silent treatment. They can be tantrum throwers, too-demanding bosses, micromanagers, extreme one-uppers, etc.

If you work with a toxic person, you are not alone. According to research from the consultancy, Fierce Inc., 80% of employees work or have worked with a colleague who could be considered toxic. Sadly, this behavior is often tolerated.

Join Mixonian Institute's FREE webinar: "Your Options When You Work with a Toxic Person" with Dr. Laura Camacho interviewing HR expert, Cindy Borrelli, MA, SHRM-CP, LBBP this Tuesday, June 12 noon-12:30 pm. Ms. Borrelli is the principal at Keystone HR Consulting. To sign up simply email with "toxic" in the subject line.

May 23, 2018

Borrelli & SCORE in DI News

The Daniel Island News

As a client of the local SCORE Chapter, Keystone HR Consulting founder, Cindy Borrelli, was mentioned  in the 5/23/18 edition of The Daniel Island News along with her mentor and chairman.