Onboard the Orientation Express

All Onboard the Orientation Express: The Fast Track to Turnover

Orientation: employee becomes familiar with the organization as well as his/her department, coworkers, & the job

  • Lasts 1-2 days
  • Helps employee develop realistic image of org & job

Onboarding: encompasses orientation & first months of employee’s tenure.. Help employees develop positive working relationships w/ supervisors, coworkers, & others they will need to interact with while performing job

  • Formal: structured; may start during selection process & extend several months; orientation rolls into additional structured activities; can last through first year or longer
  • Informal: learning about job without structured plan; left up to employee to figure out & acclimate
    • Tailored to position
    • Teach about role, tasks, & socialization
    • Integrate into org culture & norms
    • Build relationships
    • Value is that it provides strategy
    • Improves productivity/performance
    • Reduces turnover
    • Less job stress
    • Stronger commitment

Turnover rates can be indicative of poor onboarding

Most engaged in first 6 months

Simple job hunting

First impressions

Path to success

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