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At Keystone HR Consulting, our goal is to provide the HR support and expertise to guide our clients through the HR maze, so they can get back to their business. Our trusted services and total transparency are how we establish lasting relationships with our clients. We actively participate in educational courses and maintain certification so our clients can be confident that we provide the most up-to-date information and practices. We lead with enthusiasm and love a challenge. Why? Because we are passionate about what we do!

Cindy Borrelli


Originally from Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania, (yes, there is a small town in north central PA called Jersey Shore), Cindy moved to Charleston in 1996, and has been enjoying the charm of the city ever since.

Cindy is empathetic to the amount of time business owners spend keeping up with regulations and managing their staff, especially in the absence of an HR department. Understanding the value business owners would gain from her expertise, Cindy applied her background in Human Resources and Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology, and founded Keystone Professional Services, LLC.

A firm believer in the power of effective communication, Cindy works with businesses to facilitate communication, deliver essential training, establish compliance, and serve as a liaison between employees and management.